Our Mission

is to promote the core values of respect, empathy and transparency in the social media influence sphere.

​“We aim to develop new standards by sharing our knowledge, values and experience while at the same time learning from others. We work in a spirit of dialogue and exchange - we listen, we enable conversations, we offer insights and guidance, and we move ahead.”


Code of Conduct

We have developed a Code of Conduct for influencers which supports them in acting with respect, empathy and transparency. The Code of Conduct will be a key instrument in encouraging all community members to use their influence consciously.


We will develop the Code of Conduct further based on feedback, insights, expertise and discussions that will be initiated between all stakeholders from across the social media influence ecosystem.


Who we are

Conscious Influence Hub is a Swiss not-for-profit association. We are group of people from diverse backgrounds who aim to foster a respectful dialogue in the online sphere.  

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The Conscious Influence Hub is a non-profit association and we address anybody who shares our goal to use social media for good.

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